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concept kicks®

Curated Footwear Design + Innovation Design studio based in London, Great Britain


Premier Portuguese sole manufacturer. Innovation junkies and shoes enthusiasts.


ReForm – First Collection Story

Each season our soles will have a unique theme. This initial collections logo and soles, all draw inspiration from existing iconic sneaker brands & silhouettes, and re-imagine them in a slightly different context; an iconic basketball sole tooling re-imagined/re-formed into a running sole, or a classic casual sole unit re-imagined as hiker sole, for example. This makes the designs familiar, but still unique and progressive.

ReForm Program

London based creative studio, Conceptkicks® has teamed up with premier Portuguese sole manufacturer, ForEver® to Re-Form the industry.

Three progressive soles, designed by Conceptkicks®, have been developed by ForEver® and opened in a full size run that footwear brands/designers/artists will be able to apply to use upon their release.

Creating new sole designs means creating new moulds, and then having too open each of those moulds in every shoe size you’d like to offer – this is an incredibly expensive process and often newer/independent, more progressive brands are unable to make this type of investment so early on.

Generally, the only option available is for them to use “of the shelf” or “public” out soles. These are soles that are available publicly to anyone, and are generally almost exact copies of existing soles., or are adopted by a multitude of brands and shoe styles featuring similar (or the exact same) sole tooling.

Needless to say, this can be creatively stifling and creates a market place flooded with similar shoe styles.

The “Re-Form” collection aims to flip that narrative, and offers progressive soles units, open in a full-size range, that are catered to those newer/interesting brands, designers and artists, all of whom will be able to apply to utilise the “Re-Form” collection for their creations via our collaborative website. The reasoning behind this being that this enables us to ensure the soles are utilised by brands and individuals that embody the same passion and progressive attitude that this collection was also fuelled by.

Through the “Re-Form” collection we hope to enable and offer alternative methods for creatives to be able to realise their footwear aspirations with unique sole tooling catered to their needs.